What is a Digital Menu Board?

Digital Menu Board

The distribution of digital content managed from a single centre to screens at many points over a network is defined as Digital Signage. Although this definition in our country is generally considered as playing pictures and videos on a USB connection to a computer, it is a basic need today for large-scale companies with many dealers thanks to this process. Digital Signage refers to a system solution with hardware and software.

It is generally used to show visual messages at purchase points or in areas where people are waiting heavily.

Digital menu boards are the most preferred digital menu signage system by restaurants and fast food shops, especially in shopping malls, and are rapidly replacing the old system fixed content signboards. The most important benefit of digital menu signs is that the menu content can be changed whenever desired. It attracts the attention of customers with its lively colors and animated animations.

As the digital menu board provides sales increase and customer satisfaction, the sector is expanding rapidly with requests from other businesses on recommendations.

What kind of Digital Menu Boards do I need?

First of all, you ought to decide where you want a digital menu board to be made in your business. These selected points must be primarily those that will directly catch the eye of the customer. For example, if a new digital menu board needs to be installed in place of the old system sign for fast food in a shopping mall, the total length should be determined, and how many monitors with a minimum size of 43 inches will be placed be determined. You can take measurements according to larger screens instead of 43 inches if you want. Assuming that this area is 4 meters, 4 screens of 43 inches with a lateral width of around 97 cm will serve you in this area. You can get information about screen sizes from the wiki page.

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A digital menu sign consists of at least the following components:

  • Digital Signage Media Player 
  • Digital Signage CMS Software 
  • Digital Signage Screens
  • Digital Signage Data Wiring
  • Digital Signage Brackets
  • Digital Signage Menu Design and Contents

Digital Signage Media Player

An essential part of your digital menu board, namely the brain, is the media player. The features of this device are the basic unit that will enable you to play the content played on your menu board fluently, and transitions are made without any flickering. The important part here is to compare by bringing together all the features such as processor, ram, disk, operating system used to avoid confusing apples and pears in the offers you will receive from various companies. For example, the price difference and the speed difference between a media player with an i5 processor and an atom processor or a normal hard disk and SSD disks should never be ignored.

Digital Signage CMS Software

The software used in this system is the part of the digital menu board system that comes after the brain, namely the mind. The first thing you should pay attention to here is the licensing fees required for the software. For other details, it is strongly recommended that you get information from a consultant you trust, or from us as the subject is deep.

Digital Signage Screens

The screens you will use in your Digital Signage must be in full HD resolution. Today, not many televisions do not meet this condition, but again, be careful. Another consideration is the screen frame border distance. Suppose you want to have a professional display system installed for the digital menu board system, and you have enough budget for this job (such screens with micro-thin bezels and 43-inch sizes start at least 799 GBP). In that case, your frame thickness will be minimized, and you will not see the screens on the screens due to the distance between the screens. The images that will take place will be seen more integrated. The rate of companies that install such thin-framed systems is between 1-3%. Although price is the biggest factor, we consider that this rate will increase with the decrease in screen prices over time.

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If your budget is limited for thin-framed screens, you can install this system with the thin-framed screens that we recommend to you, called COTS in the market, that you can buy directly from any store. The average price margin for these products varies between 42 inches 1250 – 2000 TL. This change varies according to features such as the frame size of the screen and the brightness ratio. Recently, there has been a 3D feature in TVs, but their prices will be more appropriate since this feature will not be needed for the menu board.

Digital Signage Data Wiring

The quality of the video cables between the screens and the TVs can be reflected as the main reason for the deterioration that may occur in the image. For this reason, care should be taken to ensure that the cables used are branded, gold-tipped, and shielded so that they are not affected by electromagnetic fields. In summary, cheap meat can not be stewed. To cut the price, you should not compromise on quality.

Digital Signage Brackets

It can be a special accessory to the place where you will place the digital menu board screens, as well as any television hanger apparatus.

Digital Signage Menu Design and Contents

To direct your customers to the screens, you must have good content. Digital signage software has different advantages, but all of them is that they can play videos. This is the feature that caused the explosion in demand. However, it is inefficient to use the screens set up for marketing purposes only to broadcast fixed images.

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If you are looking to update your takeaway menu with digital menu boards, you can fill out the contact form, and we will get in touch with you shortly.