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7 ways to buy bitcoin

“We do not sell bitcoins and other digital financial assets (cryptocurrencies, tokens, digital money) to persons under the age of 18 or who have not completed full identification of the person!” – soon such signs may appear on every crypto-exchanger or crypto-exchange. Say, fantastic?

1) the owners of digital financial assets have the right to conclude transactions on the exchange of tokens for rubles, foreign currency only through the operator of the exchange of digital financial assets;

2) the digital wallet is opened by the operator of the exchange of digital financial assets only after passing the procedure for identifying its owner in accordance with the Federal Law “On Combating the Legalization (Laundering) of Criminally Obtained Incomes and Financing of Terrorism”.

So goodbye, cryptanarchy and cryptanonymity. Hello “big brother” who is watching not only you, but also your crypt. Until the law is passed, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be bought without going through bureaucratic procedures and close attention of the state.

The choice of the best way to buy depends on three factors: how much information about yourself you want to disclose, what is the amount of the transaction and what level of security you need. It is almost impossible to comply with all 3 factors – “I don’t want to disclose information about myself”, “large amount of the transaction” and “high level of security”.

There are 7 main ways to buy bitcoin:

1) online electronic money exchanger;

2) cryptocurrency exchange;

3) mobile applications;

4) bots in Telegram;

5) purchase via WebMoney;

6) cryptomat;

7) direct purchase from individuals.

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Now about each method in detail.

1. Online exchanger of electronic money

Pros – many exchange options, cons – usually the highest rate.

Before buying in the exchanger, you must have a bitcoin wallet in advance. You can buy without installing a wallet on a crypto exchange or a mobile application (points 2 and 3).

There are a lot of specialized services on the Internet that exchange rubles in any form for cryptocurrencies. There are 2 well-proven exchanger aggregators:

a) bestchange.ru – contains almost all major exchangers in the CIS.

There are two columns in the left column – “GIVE” and “GET”. As soon as you specify them, the aggregator will select all exchangers.

At the time of this writing, the lowest rate is Sberbank -> BTC = 433296 rubles.

Then you choose the appropriate option (if you click on the reviews column, you will go to the reviews page. Be sure to study them) and go to the exchanger’s website.

b) localbitcoins.net – the rate here is usually better than in the previous paragraph.

Unlike the exchangers of the previous paragraph, real sellers are collected here. Each seller has a rating. There are two numbers in brackets: the first is the number of deals, the second is how many of them were successful.

The green circle next to the trader’s name indicates that he is now online and the deal can be carried out promptly.

Alfa-bank (cash) -> BTC = 421148 rubles

2. Cryptocurrency exchange

Pros – a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and prices are usually lower than in exchangers, cons – limited methods of replenishment.

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Of the large number of exchanges, I will single out CEX.IO – the only exchange known to me with the ability to buy cryptocurrency from a bank card for rubles. To activate this function after registration, you will need to go through identity and bank card verification. The commission for entering rubles is fixed – 5%.

VISA (rub) -> CEX = 412000 + 5% = 432600

3. BEETLE.IO mobile application

Pros – efficiency and mobility, cons – a daily limit and a higher rate.

The app allows you to buy bitcoins from your mobile phone using your bank card. Purchase per day is limited to 1000 Euro. Application commission 4.5%. To get started, you will need to go through identity verification.

VISA (rub) -> BEETLE = 6090eu x 71 rub / eu + 4.5% = 451847 rub

4. Robot in the Telegram

Pros – efficiency and mobility. Cons – overpriced rate.

One of the most popular BTC banker robots is @BTC_CHANGE_BOT. Knows how to work with cards of most banks and electronic money. In reality, it is a simplified exchange where Bitcoin buy and sell transactions are made between people.

In addition to the exchange, the robot also acts as a security guarantor, depositing the seller’s cryptocurrency inside itself.

5. Purchase via WebMoney

Pros – reliability, cons – confusion and complexity in use.

WMX is the title unit of the WebMoney payment system, equivalent to one thousandth of a bitcoin (1000 WMX = 1 BTC). Having created a WMX wallet, you can easily exchange any WebMoney title units for WMX.

The biggest plus of this method: WebMoney is the oldest domestic payment system. Its title units can be purchased almost everywhere in a variety of ways. The main disadvantage is the complexity of use. To figure it out, you need to read a bunch of manuals.

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6. Kriptomat

Pros – familiar format. Cons – only for those traveling abroad.

In Russia, there have been many attempts to install ATMs that dispense bitcoins, but so far there is no law – these attempts are suppressed.

A cryptomat was installed in one of the shopping centers especially for the residents of Russia in the city of Lappeenranta. The operator of cryptomats, while there is no opportunity to enter the Russian market, wants to test the popularity of cryptocurrency for Russians in the border region.

The exchange is carried out at the rate of the European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp with a commission of 5-10%. The minimum purchase amount is 5 euros, sales – 20 euros. The kriptomat accepts all banknotes from 5 euros to 500 euros, the total daily purchase limit at the cryptomat is 5000 euros.

7. For cash from individuals

Pros – maximum anonymity of transactions. Cons – risks from unscrupulous partners.

Hand-to-hand selling is the most private and most unsafe way to buy cryptocurrency. Lucky those who have acquaintances miners or crypto businessmen. They constantly have a need to sell the mined or earned cryptocurrency. Rent, salary, taxes – all this requires regular money.

To everyone else, I would not recommend this option of transactions – those who want to buy cryptocurrency from their hands look painfully attractive for criminals.