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How to Find the Right Crypto Marketing Agency for your Project?


Once you have an amazing crypto project, the next step is to find the right way to market that project. This is where the thought of creating your marketing instead of hiring the right crypto marketing agency comes in.

Here is how to find the right crypto marketing agency for your crypto project.

Scan their portfolio of clients 

Checking the satisfaction level of previous and current clients of a crypto marketing agency is one of the best ways to evaluate their skills and experience. Being the first blockchain project of a crypto marketing agency is never a smart idea.

If they are suitable for this position, they must have completed crypto marketing experience for various crypto projects. It is also not uncommon for agencies to make up facts about previous projects. Parts can be fabricated.

As a result, it is recommended to contact previous clients of the agency (if any) to see if they would recommend said crypto marketing agencies for future projects.

More importantly, marketing results should not be based solely on long speeches and carefully crafted reports. It must have quantitative data. For example, if you are measuring the growth of a crypto project on social media, you need to know how many subscribers the client’s social media platform has gained over a given time.

Focus on Team dynamics 

The headcount of a crypto marketing agency often affects the scope of tasks it can manage. When you hire a small team for a large project, you can expect the agency to fork some or all of the services given their team’s bandwidth.

While it is quite normal for blockchain marketing agencies to outsource marketing work to other companies, you should be aware of the specific services that your chosen crypto marketing agency delivers and the level of experience of the team working on your project. You should also find out about the services they can outsource.

To understand the dynamics of the people you work with, you can also look them up on LinkedIn or professional networking sites to get an idea of ​​the background of the team members and how qualified they are to work with your crypto marketing.

You can get an idea of ​​their marketing competence by reading their case studies. Read on to learn more about marketing campaign issues and the methods they used to fix them.

Pricing & Budgets 

This should not be difficult since all crypto marketing efforts depend on how much you are willing to invest in marketing strategies. Always check prices for services offered by crypto marketing agencies.

Their website should give you a clear idea of ​​crypto marketing pricing and fees. If their prices are based on service customization, you can contact them and be notified of the budget that may arise during your cooperation with them.

Services Offered

When looking for the right crypto marketing agency for your project, it is crucial to take a look at what services the agency offers. This can help you choose different services depending on where in the marketing funnel your project.

If it’s brand awareness, you can go into social media marketing or influencer marketing. If it is for community building and management, you can choose crypto community management services, etc.

You can also take a look at the crypto influencers the agency has partnered with before. This increases the credibility of the crypto marketing agency as established crypto influencers only work with trustworthy and genuine crypto marketing agencies.

How to Choose a Wallet for Storing Cryptocurrencies


When getting started with cryptocurrencies, the first thing to do is to provide a safe and convenient place to store funds. There are special crypto wallets for this.

There are 4 basic categories:

  • Cold or electronic wallet
  • Online wallet
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Wallet on crypto exchange

In addition, there is a division into single-currency and universal wallets. The choice depends on the current tasks and the degree of user activity.

But in any case, there are the best wallets for cryptocurrencies in every category. Their main features are high security and ease of use. This review will help you find out which wallet is the best fit and will give you the opportunity to store coins, make money on the exchange or get wide access to financial instruments.

As the head of Profinvestment.com Sergei Vorobey notes, if the goal is simply to buy and store funds in cryptocurrency, then the best choice is a cold wallet . This is the most reliable way to save coins, because all the information is on a special flash drive and no problems with a computer or mobile phone will create a security risk. Most of the popular coins are usually installed on such wallets.

An online wallet has the widest range of actions. In addition to storage, it is possible to carry out exchange transactions, track quotes on the cryptocurrency market, invest coins in various financial instruments

Mobile wallets have become widespread relatively recently. As a rule, their functionality is more specialized. Often such wallets are created exclusively for a separate ecosystem. Therefore, not all currencies can be stored on them, but this is compensated by the wide coverage of services that this ecosystem provides. In addition, the best cryptocurrency mobile wallets have access to all major blockchain networks and allow you to store all major coins. The main advantage of this method of storing crypto money is quick access to your funds.

The last variety is exchange wallets. They provide the opportunity to trade on the stock exchange. This does not prevent you from storing cryptocurrency on such wallets, but there have been more than a few cases of hacking the exchange and stealing funds from the accounts of participants. Therefore, if we are talking about long-term storage, then it is better not to use this method of storage.

Overview of cryptocurrency wallets

Hardware wallets


Provides the ability to store more than a thousand tokens. Connects to both PC and mobile phone


These are 2nd generation cold wallets with the ability for users to instantly access third-party exchanges through an Internet interface. It is possible to set additional levels of protection.

Online wallets


Supports most currencies in ERC-20/BEP-20 networks. It is possible to exchange cryptocurrencies. Private keys are controlled by the owner. Replenishment is carried out without commission


There is a version for PC, mobile phone and a Chrome app. Allows you to store a large number of cryptocurrencies. There is a built-in ability to buy coins directly from the card. No replenishment fee


Popular among Bitcoin holders. Provides access to open source. It does not require downloading the entire blockchain, so it works very quickly.

Mobile Wallets


Reliable wallet. The keys are stored directly on the phone. Does not require user identification. Wallet transactions are not tracked. Supports all major coins.


Reliable wallet for storing the most popular cryptocurrencies, as well as coins in the ERC-20 and ERC-721 networks. Private keys are stored in the cloud, which reduces its reliability, but guarantees their safety. It is possible to use decentralized applications. It is convenient because it is connected with the Coinbase exchange and there is an opportunity to conveniently trade on the exchange


Created on the basis of the Etheteum network. It currently supports many other networks, making it a multi-currency and convenient way to store and make payments. Considered the best wallet for cryptocurrencies in 2022 in its segment.

Exchange wallets


One of the leading exchanges allows you to store all the currencies that are quoted on it. The wallet allows you to store not only cryptocurrencies, but also investment instruments, margin trading and many other functions.


A popular resource with a wide selection of trading instruments. It has a reliable system of protection against hacking, which allows you to fearlessly store funds on this wallet. Allows you to conduct OTC transactions and carry out mining and staking.

Source: https://profinvestment.com/

A Guide to Accepting Crypto Donations


While crypto trading can be complex and confusing, setting up your non-profit organization to receive crypto donations is very simple. The easiest way to process donations in the default crypto currency for almost every non-profit organization is to automatically convert donations into fiat money, US dollars or a currency issued by your local government.

First, your organization will need to select a crypto donation platform – preferably one that has years of experience and partners with reputable companies to process internal transactions. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, several existing donation platforms support cryptocurrencies, so it makes sense to identify and use one that specializes in crypto donations.

In addition to the crypto donation platform, you will also need to create an institutional level account (crypto wallet) with a company that will perform the crypto-to-currency conversion (and charge a trading fee, which is typically in minimum percentage). You will need to confirm on your crypto donation platform which crypto exchanges they do business with. In many cases, they will handle the format of this account.

Once both of these accounts are set up, you will be able to host a donation widget on your website that donors will recruit to make their donations.

At this stage, you will join the first of the non-profit organizations that will benefit from the crypto economy.

Enabling the mechanics of accepting crypto donations is a good first step, but non-profit organizations can maximize their donations by using fundraising networks that are open 24/7 to raise funds from crypto donors. 

Getting listed on these networks is a huge benefit – some non-profits receive 80% of their crypto donations through fundraising networks.

Donor campaigns are crucial – not only do they raise awareness for your cause, but they also inform donors that they can save a lot of money and make a bigger impact by donating cryptocurrencies. Look at your donation platform to see what they offer from their network – it’s a big advantage if your donation platform finds and educates potential donors for you.

We are still at the beginning of a financial sea change reflecting a world that is just starting to use cryptocurrencies, and there is a first-mover advantage that is now appearing on lists of nonprofits accepting crypto donations. When a donor decides they want to make a crypto donation, donor platforms offer them an easy way to channel that donation. Over Flow offers a convenient and efficient way for donors to select nonprofits on their website, enhancing the nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

The following sections describe four easy steps to get started with the donation platform:

  • Select the crypto donation platform and associated crypto account
  • Add the donation platform’s widget to your nonprofit’s website
  • Receive donations from donor campaigns
  • Enjoy the availability of a listing on the donation platform’s website

There are sorts of crypto donation platforms, which currently have little overlap with traditional donation platforms (although traditional platforms will in time also support crypto).

Is Getting Insurance for Cryptocurrency a Good Idea


If people can get life insurance then crypto insurance is also mandatory. Cryptocurrency is an open game and it can always turn around the tables. There are thousands of people who are investing in cryptocurrency but, don’t you wonder why the rest aren’t? Well, the main reason for that is because of the growing theft rates in crypto. You might think that the security in the blockchains is way too strong for any theft to happen. However, there have been some major issues and people have lost a million worth of treasure that they collected.

The theft in cryptocurrency is done professionally by hacking through all the different blockchains. Hence, because there is a solution for everything, you can secure all of your coins by getting insurance. This insurance protects all different types of coins such as bitcoin and Ethereum. This is mainly done by keeping online wallets which is another important element to have when you deal with cryptocurrency. Numerous companies are offering insurance but, for a price.

The expenses of getting an insurance

As cryptocurrency overall is expensive, it is natural that the element that will keep it safe will be expensive as well. The providers of cryptocurrency insurance mainly provide an annual which varies between 1 to 5 percent of the assets covered. Hence, for example, if you hold worth up to $100,000 coins in cryptocurrency, then your annual will be around $1000. However, there are still some traders who do not trust people who give an insurance offer. That is because it is seen that most of the insurance holders do not have their policies from the states to do so.

Hence, this is why the best cryptocurrency insurance company has numerous steps to provide cryptocurrency owners with the best safety protection for their coins. Moreover, there is still rising demand for insurance when it comes to crypto. If you are looking for a good and a trustable company then you should look at some things before you decide. The first is to have good steps which confirm your verification. The second one is to see how many users they hold and in what countries they are available. This will help you to decide which one you can rely on.

What a cryptocurrency insurance company covers

Moreover, before you select a company to insure your cryptocurrency, you should look at the things that it does not cover. This is so that you know if some damage occurs whether you will have to handle it or your insurance company. However, some of the elements that crypto-insurance companies do not hold themselves accountable for is if there is a hardware loss or if there is any damage done when it comes to transferring your coins to another party.

Owning a digital asset is hard but if you try hard to find a good company that assures you the best protection then there is no need to worry. However, there are still some traders who keep their coins safe with them so that there are no possible chances of theft.

Why Use Ethereum for Swaps?

Ethereum for Swaps

You may be finding any difficulty in understanding what is swapping. When we talk about swapping the Ethereum, we mean swapping or exchanging the coin with any other coin. It is as easy as it sounds. But if you have many cryptocurrencies, things can get a little chunky. Different tokens are added to the company when it is expanding. Your coins show or represent your value and show your potential investment. Many buyers don’t know how they can shape their financial paths. When you learn to swap the Ethereum effectively, you will see a big difference in your investment. 

Exciting facts

Most buyers or investors don’t know how to proceed with swapping while owning an Ethereum mobile wallet. The traditional method is the method of conversion, so many people follow it. Most change Ethereum in fiat money and then use it to buy any coins they want. This method is also excellent, but it can cost you a lot, taking different extra steps. So you have to pay transaction fees more than one time. The swapping of Ethereum is a seamless process through a mobile app for Ethereum, so you can easily access your coin instantly. Different exchange platforms can make your trading very easy. So we can say by using this swapping method, you can save a lot of time and money. 

Swapping vs. trading

When we talk about these two things, the mechanics are the same. But the result of both of the terms is different. When you are trading Ethereum, you are making a trade based on the order book. You can execute a trade based on the trading pairs available on the specific exchange. On the other hand, we talk about swapping. It means the same process, but it has more flexibility. You can exchange your Ethereum wallet with any other coin even if the pair is not live on the spot market. You don’t have to pay the transaction fees again and again. Convenience is a huge concern here when you are swapping a small amount. But the great thing is that you can do the swapping of your Ethereum at any volume. With the swapping of Ethereum, your decision-making skills will become more polished. When it comes to Ethereum trading, there are no fixed strategies. 

To sum up 

First, your Eth app should be updated. It would be best to keep an open eye and mind to the opportunities to have the best approach because the market is constantly inconsistent. One can quickly gain the position he wants when swapping with flexibility. It would help if you considered swapping convenient but didn’t center it on profit. In most cases, what you want today might not be what you need tomorrow. Swapping has a different process. First, you have to select the swap tab on your Ethereum app. After that, you have to select the currency you would like to pay and the currency you want to receive. 

Top 10 Types Of Custom Printed Jewelry Boxes In The Market

Custom Printed Jewelry Boxes

As though you maintain a gems business on the line. You know the worth of how gems encloses have the effect the eyes of the clients. You also know the significance of Custom printed jewelry boxes. When it comes selling, as the initial feeling is the last impression for your new clients.

Top 10 Types Of Jewelry Box In The Market You Can Get;

Jewelry Boxes;
Accompanies 28 beating compartments and one of the position of safety choices for you all. Also, it’s the best thing which customers like is it has no pointless mass, it’s a fair adornments box. However, moreover, it has many tones and has 28 compartments made with PU cowhide alongside velvet coating.

Jewelry Boxes;
It’s an enormous, exciting box, best for the individuals who got a ton of pieces of jewelry in their sleeve. As a phenomenal component, it has a snap button the upper left and right corner of the adornments box which permits you to pieces of jewelry area where you can drape accessories without stressing over tangling or something like that. It’s movement gems is large to the point of dealing with immense bits of your best hoops. Accompanies an assortment of shadings and made with fake calfskin alongside smaller than normal travel case which accompanies it.

Leather Jewelry Box Comes With Travel Case;
One of the most noteworthy adornments boxes! What’s more savvy accompanies extraordinary drawers which are very much sensible. On the off chance that you need all your gems to get put away in one spot in a rich way than this is the best box for you. Accompanies a great deal of little nooks in the case, which gives the advantage of the story your significant little valued gems, has twin overlap outside compartments remembered for the crate.

Ground size Jewelry Boxes;

However, in the event that you’re searching for center ground size for your exceptional assortment to develop more this single-layered is best for you. However it isn’t for the multi-layered event. It’s reasonable for putting away a ton of adornments. However, as it accompanies different slope tones, made of delicate build up which is smooth to gems just as versatile and holders’ pocket for tangle free gems space.

Lockable Jewelry Boxes;

The best thing about gems box that it can store both prepared male and female extras in a similar box. With spaces for the watcher, rings, sleeve fasteners too for hoops and pieces of jewelry of the ladies of some kind or another. Also, the best component of this case that it has an underlying lock which can give you additional security perk in a hurry. When you around evening time or get up on the morning close up the crate each time you use it’ll get lock in a flash. This case most popular accordingly of its many tones. The complete look also simple to conveying as you understand the highest point of the case.

Leather Jewelry Boxes;

Think about best for a lot of gems assuming you have that comes in various sizes. Different compartments of this one can be utilized rapidly while in a hurry. One reason, individuals like this case is for its pockets which can store all your little valued gems and expect to remember. It accompanies cowhide alongside calfskin lining wrapping up.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes;

Goes up to 7 more stockpiling openings and has a fabricated mystery extra room for your little belongings. As it were, uncommonly made engineered cowhide alongside velvet covering wrapping up.

Faux Leather Jewelry Boxes;

Enormous drawers which have slide-out choice comes in three huge ones. Extraordinary for those kind of individuals who has a great deal of proclamation gems just as ensembles. Exceptionally made with beige velvet getting done and dark artificial calfskin.

Cricket Is Now A Part Of Play to Earn NFT Gaming Ecosystem – An Overview

NFT Gaming

The 21st century is constantly redefining itself in ways that even asset holding is taken on a digital platform. Moving on from the traditional way of asset holding to ownership recorded on a digital data ledger, the face of technology has taken a completely new form. Are you wondering what this all means? The terms asset holding, digital ownership all of this signifies the one that is hitting the news headlines. They are none other than NFTs!

NFT Pop In Full Swing

Non-fungible tokens, abbreviated as NFTs, are all the rage in the world now. The newfangled concept brought in loads of enthusiasm because of its unique attribute of acquiring assets solely through digital transactions in a decentralized environment. NFTs have set a bar in terms of asset ownership. To better understand its potential, let’s glance through some of the statistical figures.

NFT market size in a span of 5 years since its birth has grown to $41 billion in 2021. As per the data, about $10-$20 million in NFTs are sold every week. The reason behind the exploding popularity of the assets is that the transparency in the exchange was brought about by decentralization. This makes investments in blockchain trustworthy and secure. 

Apart from that, the owner of the assets has access to sell them on the secondary marketplace. When the demand for the assets is high, the NFT holders can keep a tab on that and sell the NFTs with an increased profit percentage. This is the conventional way of revenue gained through NFTs.

What Are The Sectors Where NFTs Have Peeped?

There cannot be any sector that doesn’t yet feel the impact of NFTs. Because it has made its plunge into almost all the domains. Starting from finance to tokenizing real-world assets as NFTs, the field has become expansive. Of all this, NFT in gaming is making strides all over the world. What does it mean, and why is that growing to be a massive hit? Let us find the answer to this in the following section.

NFT Games – A Newfound Way Of Earning Income 

Did you know that the instigation of the Play-to-earn model has been a major disruptor in the NFT gaming space? Gamers are now turning to be professionals as they are getting paid for their gaming skills. Gone are the times when games were meant to be for fun, but now the NFT in gaming pays off the gamers with rewards and in-game collectibles. This is what is the new sensation created by the infusion of blockchain technology that has led to the birth of NFTs storming into the gaming space.

So far, many NFT games, such as Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, Decentraland, etc., have made their brand known while facilitating its creators to cash in massive profits. But how do the gamers or users make their earnings out of gaming? To answer this question, the gaming platform endows the user to trade in-game assets such as avatars, accessories, virtual plot land, and other collectibles. The ownership of the assets is digitally recorded on the blockchain network, and all the transactions regarding buying and selling are recorded on the public ledger. This makes the information immutable, untampered and restricts any unauthorized entry to access the data. 

What Do The Numbers Say Of The NFT Gaming?

  • As we have seen how popular NFTs are, it is no doubt that it accounts for the second biggest contributor to the traded value, which is about 21.9%, which amounts to 4.5 billion dollars.
  • Besides, NFT games offer an enhanced gaming experience with a real-world value of money-earning. The wins acquired through the play can be exchanged as fiat currencies or cryptos. Doesn’t it sound like a great deal?

What’s The New Crunch About This NFT Gaming Space?

What would it be if you’d had to name one sport that unites the sports fan from all across? Undoubtedly, it’s cricket! Right? And to the surprise, this cricket is coming with a mix of non-fungible tokens for the first time ever in the history of NFTs. Singapore-based GuardianLink brand is hosting this NFT cricket game – Jump.trade. It arrives to offer a metaverse cricket gaming experience infused with a Play-to-Earn model. And to talk more about the game space, it is designed to be a multiplayer game to do well on the global level as this is the first cricket-based international game. Its launch is all set to happen this April 2022. 

More On Jump.trade

The official website Jump.trade is presenting an NFT drop that holds exciting prizes for the gamers that they can deploy in the cricket metaverse. The inside of the loot will have gaming accessories, avatars, or any such collectibles. The cool collections are definitely a treat to every cricket buff from all across. Furthermore, the roadmap laid on the official announcement made by GuardianLink stated the ownership of the assets can be extended to be used in building the games and in metaverse match tournaments. So with no doubt, Metaverse Cricket will be an absolute delight for gaming fans all across. 

Wrapping Up

With the great hustle for NFTs in today’s times, every cricket enthusiast should hop into the Jump.trade platform to relish the perks of it. And what’s more? Play, win, and have fun.