What Exactly is Urlebird? Is it Risk-free and Legal?


Urlebird TikTok is a well-known Social Media Platform. In their leisure time, people like watching TikTok Videos. The platform’s success given the world millions of celebrities. This platform is a godsend for people who do not have industry godfathers yet wish to break into the spotlight.

However, being popular by uploading a few videos on urlebird TikTok is not for everyone. To become renowned, you must either follow or start your own trend. To advance your development on the platform, you must be aware of hot topics and hashtags. You may learn this by watching popular TikTok videos.

Now comes the major question: How can anybody surreptitiously analyse other people’s TikTok videos? So, after extensive research, we have discovered the finest platform for you. Urlebird is the one and only.

Some of you may have heard about Urlebird. Today, in this comprehensive tutorial, we will go over what Urlebird is, its features, how to download it, and if it is secure or not. So, let’s get this party started:

What exactly is Urlebird?

Urlebird is the greatest site for individuals who wish to surreptitiously monitor others’ TikTok videos. On its platform, this website contains all TikTok videos. You will also be able to see movies from Private accounts.

It’s the finest location to go if you want to see footage of your competitors without notifying them. This website is really straightforward and simple to use. You may also easily download the movies to your smartphone.

All of the information on urlebird. com is carefully organised into numerous categories such as “Trending,” “Videos,” “Users,” “Hashtags,” “Music,” and “I’m Feeling Lucky!”

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Thus, by entering their login, anybody may analyse the films of renowned TikTokers and improve their talents.


  • You will be able to get access to other people’s TikTok accounts anonymously.
  • Very amazing. Interface that is simple to use
  • Very simple to use
  • It’s the finest way to get TikTok videos without watermarks.
  • It also has the option of storing videos.
  • With the maximum zoom option, you can simply watch HD movies.
  • It has a built-in media player.

Urlebird.com: Tiktok Viewer & Analyzer Online

WebsiteUrlebird com | Urlebird
Started in1999-08-22
Content-TypeTiktok viewer & analyser
OwnerNot known
ApkUrlebird Apk (Urlebird app)
Traffic3.30 Million Per month


Due to limitations in many countries, the TikTok application is not available internationally. If you are a devoted TikTok and its content enthusiast, you will be pleased to hear that Urlebird.com is for you. You may simply view all of TikTok’s content from one page.

Urlebird.com is a wonderful option if you wish to view someone’s video in private. Urlebird makes it simple to download videos, even those with watermarks. What else do you desire?

In addition to TikTok, the platform allows you to save YouTube videos straight on your phone.

How can I get the Urlebird apk?

Urlebird software may be downloaded to your device in two ways: as an APK file or via the Google Play Store. iPhone users may acquire the app by downloading the APK file.

First nameURLEbird
Latest Versionv3.1
Size7.1 MB
Package namecom.urlebird.technation
Android required9.0 and later

The following is the technique for getting the Apk file:

  • First and foremost, search the internet for the Urlebird Apk download.
  • Then, press the download button.
  • The app will download to your device in a few seconds.
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How Do I Get the Urlebird App From Google Play?

To get the Urlebird app, just follow these three easy actions.

  • Search for the Urlebird app on the Google Play Store.
  • The findings will be shown on the screen.
  • Click the Install button. That’s all!

How can I go to the Urlebird website?

The Urlebird website is easy to use. You must do the following basic steps:

  • First, launch your device’s web browser and go to the website.
  • When you first visit the website, you will see categories such as Trending, Hashtags, Users, and others.
  • You have the option of browsing Categories or searching for a Username.
  • This will show you all of the videos that person has uploaded, as well as additional information about the video, such as likes, dislikes, and so on.

How Do I Download Urlebird.com TikTok Videos?

You will find the Downloader option under the Categories, which will allow you to effortlessly download any TikTok video. To get the videos from it, just follow these easy steps:

  • First, choose the Downloader option.
  • Now, copy the TikTok video URL and paste it into the search field to download it.
  • This will download the video to your device.

Why is Urlebird so popular?

Every TikToker’s ultimate objective is to get more followers. To advance, you must examine your competitor’s account. This is why the platform is so popular. You may simply analyse the content of any TikToker by utilising this application.

Is it safe to use?

You will have no trouble accessing the platform. However, various individuals have varied perspectives on the instrument. It utilised to host the material of others without their consent. The deleted videos will also be available here.

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Private account videos are also accessible. This site violates the privacy of its users. Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the platform.

Furthermore, the platform has a large number of spammy pop-up adverts. If you accidentally click on the advertising, your personal information will most likely be stolen.

On the other hand, many individuals saw this platform as a blessing to them. It has a lot of handy features that are great for novices.

Is it legal to use the Urlebrid website?

We don’t believe so. It posts material on its website without the users’ consent, which is entirely prohibited. They have even gained access to the minor’s bank account. This implies that none of your personal information is secure.

Many individuals have signed petitions against the platform. People are furious. They intend to deactivate the website.

What are the other options to Urlebird?

Among the alternatives are:

  • All-in-one video downloader
  • Tiktok Video downloader
  • Igtok
  • Snaptik
  • Tiktok saver
  • SSStiktok


How many visitors does the website get each month?

Surprisingly, it has over 3.30 million visitors every month.

What are the Urlebird’s sources of income?

Adsense and Taboola advertising provide revenue for the platform.

Last Words

That’s all there is to Urlebird.com. The gadget is breaking the law. If you’re bothered by it, you may join a petition at change.org/p/tiktok-remove-urlebird. I hope you find the most interesting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!! Keep in touch with us for additional details.