Top 15 Instagram Followers Trackers: The Greatest Apps for Handling Followers

Instagram Followers Trackers

There are many methods available on Instagram for monitoring your Instagram followers. You have two options: you may do it yourself or utilize an app or service from a third party.

Keeping a close watch on who follows and unfollows you is the greatest approach to manually monitor your following. It might take some time to find out who has unfollowed you, however, so be patient.

Using an Instagram followers trackers is helpful in this situation. You can check who follows and unfollows you on Instagram using an Instagram followers trackers. This makes it simple for you to monitor your Instagram followers and identify those who have stopped doing so.

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Best Instagram Follower Tracker App

Various Instagram followers trackers are available on the market. While some are available for free, some have a price. We’ll walk you through the top 15 Instagram followers trackers in this post so you can monitor your following. We’ll examine their advantages and who stands to gain the most from them.

  1. GhostHunter

Many individuals are unaware that having a large number of Instagram followers is not the most important factor. It concerns the caliber of their adherents. Do they really exist as people? Do those accounts include spam? Even if you may not believe it, this hurts you.

It hurts your credibility when most of your Instagram followers are ghosts or spam accounts. Because of this, it’s critical to keep an eye on your followers and remove any suspicious accounts from your page. One of the finest methods for this is to use GhostHunter! You may delete ghosts and spam and permanently safeguard your account.

GhostHunter keeps an eye on your Instagram followers and eliminates ghosts, commercial accounts, and inactive accounts. This increases the reach and interaction on Instagram. You may adjust your security settings to be more stringent or more forgiving, and it prevents spam and phishing accounts from tracking you.

You’ll get more genuine interaction with your Instagram followers list if you purge the pointless posts from phony accounts. It’s also quite simple to use. It cleans up your profile all you have to do is input your login and choose the removal choices that work for you. Additionally, you have the option to enable account protection going forward, eliminating any need for you to worry about it.

  1. Follower Analyzer

Another excellent tool for monitoring your following is Instagram Follower Analyzer. It helps you identify and remove false followers, provides you with comprehensive insights into your follower development, and even notifies you when someone unfollows you.

You may download this app on an Android smartphone. Although you may download it for free, there are certain in-app charges you can make to gain extra features.

After downloading the app, all you have to do is provide it access to your account by logging in using your Instagram login details. Numerous details about your followers will be visible to you after you check in. This includes the date of their Instagram account creation, their level of activity, and whether or not they are returning the follow.

A list of your recent followers and those who have unfollowed you are also visible to you. This is quite helpful for monitoring the growth of your following and ensuring that no followers are leaving.

One neat feature of Follower Analyzer is that it provides an easily readable dashboard with a list of your top comments and likers. View the posts that have received the most likes and comments lately, or see interactions with your most recent posts. Even the ones that have received the most likes over time are shown.

You may get Follower Analyzer from the Google Play Store.

  1. Iconosquare

Your social media life is so much simpler with Iconosquare. It’s a one-stop shop that offers scheduling tools, analytics, and even assistance with Instagram Story analysis. Additionally, you may link all of your social media accounts to get metrics from each profile in a single dashboard.

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Iconosquare has a monthly starting price of $29, but you may test it out for free for 14 days before committing.

You can link your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts after you’ve joined up and logged in to view some very amazing statistics. You can monitor your hashtag use, discover your most popular posts, and even find out the ideal time to publish.

Iconosquare is much more than just a tool for managing your following. Your dashboard’s statistics may assist you in making better informed choices on what appeals to your audience the most.

You have the ability to plan all of your posts ahead of time and export reports from certain time periods. Through the app, you can even work together as a team by providing material to be approved before it is released.

By recognizing unread messages and comments, you can also listen to your audience and reply to everyone more quickly and purposefully. After that, you may keep an eye on your brand and spy on your rivals.

  1. Followers & Unfollowers

By using Followers & Unfollowers, you may start managing your followers more efficiently and get insights from your Inta profile. The program also offers various features to help you spot and delete phony followers, allowing you to maintain a genuine and healthy account.

Up to 50 accounts that don’t follow you back may be easily unfollowed in bulk, saving you time when evaluating followers and making choices. You may white list your most valued followers to ensure they never unfollow. This will safeguard them from losing their following.

The individuals who are mutually following you, the followers you are not following, and the most recent unfollowers of your account will all be visible to you at a glance. If you have several Instagram accounts, you may switch between them using the multi-account login feature.

Android-based smartphones can run this application. Although you may download it for free, you can unlock extra features by making certain in-app payments.

  1. Data Jam
Data Jam

With this intriguing tool, you may see anonymously the Instagram tales of other people. It is not necessary to follow someone in order to see their likes, follows, comments, and posts. Take Instagram, for example, where you can see who follows someone and how many times they’ve liked a post. Business accounts may use this to see what aspects of their target marketing they find appealing in their competitors’ postings.

You will be able to see both deleted and fully written comments left by users. To avoid making the same errors, keep an eye on who your target audience has recently removed and who they have followed.

The same holds true for narratives. Any tale from any user is available for viewing, even if it has been removed 24 hours earlier. It is available for viewing or downloading to your device. Even those who like a certain profile but haven’t followed it yet may be shown.

All of this may be done anonymously!

You may examine your own account, just like with most other apps, to discover who follows you less often, who unfollows you, and who looks at your posts and stories.

You may access Data Jam via your web browser and take advantage of its one-day free trial.

  1. Ghost Followers & Unfollowers

You may locate fans, mutual followers, unfollowers, and more using this app. Many Instagram follower Trackers tools don’t allow you to market yourself, but you can using the global shout-out and media shout-out capabilities.

Additionally, the app provides a “smart feed” that suggests items to you depending on the users you follow. There are articles, films, and pictures that you may find interesting.

Put your best followers on your whitelist to make it easier to follow them and prevent them from being unfollowed. Additionally, many accounts are supported, making it simple to swap between them.

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In-app resources include a how-to section, a FAQ, and a wealth of other features. Devices running Android can access it. Although you may download it for free, you can unlock more features by making certain in-app payments.

  1. Use a followmeter

Followmeter is a stunning and user-friendly dashboard that includes every piece of information you could possibly need about your Instagram account. You have the option to explore more information about your profile interactions or see all of your profile information on one page.

Quickly unfollow accounts that are undermining your reputation, or quickly see your top posts. Along with insights into your tales, you also receive detailed metrics for likes and comments on your posts.

Not only can you see who watches your stories without following you, but you can also see who follows you the closest. This makes it easier for you to connect with potential customers.

The most popular and least popular posts may be sorted by most liked or least remarked, most seen or least commented, or by the sum of the most liked and commented entries. Seeing the progress of your account is made simple with visually appealing graphs and charts.

This app can be downloaded on iOS and has a $7.99/week, $14.99/month, or $29.99/year subscription plan.

  1. Unfollowers on Instagram

With the majority of the data pertaining to new Instagram followers, recent unfollowers, followers you don’t follow back, and individuals you follow who don’t follow you back, it is mostly focused on Instagram followers and unfollowers.

If you subscribe to a premium membership, you can also access certain additional features, such as articles with the highest number of likes and comments or the least amount of engagement. But with this one, there aren’t any mass unfollow or white list functions.

  1. Followers Unfollowers Tracker

It may also be used to identify Instagram followers and fans, which can help you determine who may be interested in you but hasn’t followed you yet. You can see additional information about your profile and data with charts and graphs, and you may move between many accounts with the multi-account option.

What makes this app the coolest? You can keep an eye on the profiles of the people you love with the help of parental controls. This implies that you may easily transition from your personal to professional Instagram account to monitor your children’s activities.

  1. Instagram Profile Tracker – InStalker

One of the Google Play Store’s best instagram follower tracker app is this one. The software lets you access a ton of information about your Instagram account and is compatible with Android smartphones. Not only can you download and watch tales in secret, but you can also observe who is surreptitiously viewing your profile without being followed.

Along with a comprehensive profile analysis of the most liked, commented on, and least engaged articles, you can also see the list of recent followers and unfollowers.

Although this data is rather extensive, mass actions and whitelisting are not included. Some suspicious and bothersome in-app purchases are also mentioned by users. The app’s free use is a benefit.

  1. Reports for Subscribers
Reports for Followers

This software is most likely among the solutions available for tracking Instagram followers that looks the most professional. It includes the majority of functionality you might need and is compatible with iOS. Viewing blockers, identifying hidden admirers, mass unfollowing, and seeing Instagram follower data are all available.

Anytime, wherever, you may see the modifications made to your account. Track who is unfollowing you, see the most liked and commented articles and stories, find out who isn’t following you back, and have a deeper understanding of the requirements and desires of your target market.

Although it costs money, this software is among the most effective and dependable Instagram follower trackers. The cost will be $23.99 annually, $17.99 for six months, or $5.99 each month.

  1. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a tool that does more than monitor Instagram followers. With the help of this social media management tool, you can keep an eye on all of your accounts and plan posts from one location. It does help you interact more effectively with your present Instagram followers even if it doesn’t actually provide you with useful information about individuals who have lately blocked, unfollowed, or followed you.

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It will suggest pertinent material according to the interests of your present Instagram followers, which will make it simple for you to provide engaging information on all of your social media accounts. Your blog or website may be used to post information immediately, so readers won’t miss any updates.

Posting ahead of time eliminates the burden of having to remember to publish once or more a day. With a content calendar that you may set up, Crowdfire will publish your material automatically at the times you choose.

Additionally, Crowdfire enables you to customize your posts for each social network, preventing you from repeatedly publishing the same information and instead allowing you to share interesting stuff for that specific audience. Rather of creating individual posts, create one, and Crowdfire will assist you in making the necessary adjustments. In order to capitalize on periods of high traffic, it will also recommend the ideal times to publish on each network.

The Queue Meter shows you your overall activity level for the next seven days and makes sure you have enough material booked for the week.

The app is accessible on PC, Android, and iOS platforms. You may select from a number of options, including a free plan, and pay monthly or yearly. It works well with:

  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • LinkedIn
  • Etsy
  • WordPress
  • You Tube
  • Shopify

A report creator tool is available to assist you in tracking, measuring, and analyzing everything. To get even more insight into the performance of your social media accounts, consider using advanced analytics and competition research.

  1. Track Unfollowers & Followers
Unfollowers & Followers Track

With the help of this software, you may rapidly learn all you need to know about your Instagram followers by using the dashboard’s cards, which include:

  • Who commented
  • Recent unfollowers
  • New followers
  • Ghost followers
  • New blocks
  • Tags
  • Number of likes
  • Who you should follow
  • Most popular posts

With simply a press on the suggested user, you may also unfollow individuals who aren’t following you back. Finding ghost followers or followers you’ve lost along the road is simple with Unfollowers & Followers Track.

While it is limited to the iPhone and isn’t as feature-rich as some other applications, it is still reasonably priced, with a monthly subscription beginning at only $4.99.

  1. Followers+Track on Instagram
Followers+ Track for IG

You may get story, post, and Instagram follower metrics using this app. The majority of the tools that allow you to see your most popular posts and top followers are same. This software is special since it provides excellent insight into the optimal times to publish, even if you can’t post straight from the app.

This follower tracker analyzes your Instagram followers to determine when they are most active, something that most others don’t do. In order to better connect with them with the following article, you can observe not only who is interacting the most, but also when they are doing so.

If you join up for an annual membership, you may take advantage of a free 3-day trial, or you can go for the reasonably priced $3.99 monthly plan. You can get this app for iOS.

  1. Reports+ for Tracker Followers
Reports+ for Followers Tracker

Once again, this program has numerous features that are comparable to those of many other Instagram follower trackers. Nonetheless, the dashboard is quite simple to use, and the huge print numbers highlight the most crucial information first. It is accurate and dependable and is made simple to follow with emojis.

You may batch unfollow users who aren’t active on your account, and the app has a polished appearance. You may subscribe to it on iOS for a year, month, or six months.