The Wisconsin volleyball team leaked unedited Link.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked unedited The University of Wisconsin confirmed in a statement that the UW-Madison Police Department is actively investigating “multiple crimes” related to the unauthorised online distribution of private images and videos involving members of the women’s volleyball team.

Wisconsin volleyball team leaked without being changed Link: Wisconsin volleyball team leaked unedited Link: Private images of the Wisconsin volleyball team were leaked online, prompting an inquiry into’multiple offences.’

“We are aware that private photos and video of University of Washington volleyball student-athletes that were never intended to be shared publicly are being circulated digitally,” UW sports stated in a statement Wednesday.

“The unauthorised sharing is a significant and wrongful invasion of the student-athletes’ privacy, including potential violations of university slices and criminal statutes.”

When the volleyball team in Wisconsin learned that these photographs were being circulated, they immediately contacted the campus police, according to UW publications on the Wisconsin volleyball team leaked.

“UWPD is investigating multiple crimes, including sharing sensitive photos without consent,” the statement went on to say. “The UWPD is not looking into the volleyball student-athletes for wrongdoing in this case.”

“Our top priority is supporting our student-athletes and we are providing them with the appropriate services and resources.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a major percentage of the information that was initially uploaded without the players’ knowledge has been deleted from the websites. Several players’ sports bras were lifted in one of the images obtained by the Sentinel during the team’s private celebration after their Big Ten championship triumph in November.

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Wisconsin’s volleyball team, managed by Coach Kelly Sheffield, is one of the most successful programmes at the institution. UW is ranked fifth in the US, having reached the Final Four in each of the last three seasons and reaching the championship match three times in the last decade.