The winter months can be tough on your car. If you’re not sure if your vehicle is ready for winter, use these four simple steps to find out.


Winter might not always be loved, but it does have its charms! Drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, having a fire pit in the garden – and of course, Christmas is coming soon. Here are some things you can do to make your car winter-proof.

Get a winter service

Don’t let problems with your vehicle get worse before winter arrives. Book your car in for a service now, before the cold weather sets in, and you could save yourself money and stress. Winter car maintenance will not only give you peace of mind that your car is in tip-top shape but will also cover all the bases in a thorough, professional way – such as checking your battery, tyres, antifreeze, coolant and wipers & lights.

Although you may be a service member, here are some things that you should do in winter for your vehicle to be ready for driving again.

Check the battery

Car battery life varies, but it is usually between 3-5 years. If your battery is nearing the end of its life, you don’t want it to stop working when you’re in the middle of a storm and stranded on the side of the road. As winter approaches, it’s important to prepare for the worst. Not only does cold weather can introduce severe battery problems, but it might also mean you’ll be using more fuel for your lights and heater which could result in hefty electricity bills come the end of the month. So remember to take precautions now before the snow begins to fall! Replacing your battery a little sooner than usual is best in order to avoid getting stranded when the weather is bad.

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Do you have enough antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a great way to make sure your engine doesn’t freeze up during the winter. It does this by lowering the water’s freezing point, making it much harder for ice to form inside your engine.

Antifreeze can do so much more than stop your car from freezing. Not only does it have a higher boiling point to protect the engine, but it also prevents corrosion, helps your engine run more efficiently and last for longer! Without antifreeze you’d have to spend thousands of pounds fixing your vehicle.

 Carry a winter car kit

There are loads of things you should always carry in your car, such as a spare battery, screen wash, warning triangles, a high-vis vest and jump leads.



Scraper and de-icer

Smartphone power bank

Blankets and warm clothes (hats, jumpers, scarves, gloves)

Sunglasses (it’s amazing just how bright that low winter sun can be)

Strong boots with good grip in case you need to walk somewhere for assistance

Be prepared for longer journeys

Even if you’re doing the usual commute or driving somewhere you’ve been a million times before, winter weather can lead to delays. Winter is here, and it’s time think about what you need to do. To prevent from sitting in traffic for hours, here are some tips:

Check the weather forecast and travel news

Consult Google Maps to see if there are any disruptions

Allow extra time for the journey, just to be on the safe side

If you’re quite low on fuel, pop to the nearest petrol station ASAP

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Have your scraper and de-icer at the ready

Make sure your smartphone is fully charged before leaving

A vacuum flask of tea, coffee or hot chocolate can make all the difference

Modular wraps protect your car

One great advantage of modular vehicle wraps is that in addition to looking fantastic, they also provide a layer of protection to your car. LGVs are an excellent investment because they’re less likely to get scratched and damaged in the first place- modular vehicle wraps are great at withstanding scratches, light scuffs, hailstones and harsh chemicals. Plus, they’re way cheaper than paint or replacement panels! Interested? Check out our portfolio of LGV fleet modular wraps for more information.

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