The Complete Story of Robyn and Rodney Reid, Storm Reid’s Parents

Are you also intrigued by the brilliant beauty that is Storm Reid, the teenage actress, and her parents, who have followed her career path? We’ll explain to you how Storm Reid’s parents supported their adolescent daughter’s career as a celebrity, helping her to appear in popular songs like Euphoria and 12 Years A Slave!

Storm Reid: Who Is She?

American adolescent celebrity Storm Reid was born in Atlanta City, Georgia, on July 1st, 2003. As their youngest daughter, Storm Reid is loved and cared for by her parents, Robyn Simpson Reid and Rodney Reid.

Storm Reid took a chance on an early acting career when she was cast in the movie 12 Years a Slave. The nine-year-old girl’s parents encouraged her to pursue her dream of being a child star, and as a result, she was acknowledged for her steadfast skill.

Since then, Storm Reid has appeared in a number of very successful films that have taken the world by storm, including the 2018 fantasy film A Wrinkle in Time, the drama Euphoria, and costars Zendaya and the 2023 film sequel Missing, in which Storm Reid plays the lead role.Reid’s parents have supported her in all of her decisions, despite the adolescent star’s career taking detours since she is passionate about finishing her college education at the University of California.

With an estimated net worth of $1 million, Storm Reid has realized a goal that many teenagers would never attempt, nor would they have the support that Storm Reid’s parents have provided her since she was a young child beginning in the competitive Hollywood profession.

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How Have Storm Reid’s Parents Helped Her?

Since Storm Reid, the actress, is currently 19 years old, her parents, father Rodney Reid and mother Rodyn Reid, have recognized her passion for performing. Just a year after his youngest fortunate star daughter, Storm Reid, made a short film called Poultry and Prejudice in 2004, Reid’s mother has also been heavily active in the film business. Storm Reid’s mother, Robyn Simpson Reid, holds the position of executive director, and the young star frequently attends movie and television premieres with her mother, despite the fact that Storm Reid’s father has no known affiliation with the performing business!

Storm Reid was probably encouraged to pursue a career in acting since her mother’s producing experience exposed her to the wide range of opportunities in the acting industry. Storm Reid boldly claimed in a 2019 Teen Vogue story that she had made her parents “proud of her,” adding that it makes her “feel good.” The teenage actress said that she has always had her parents’ confidence and support, which is evident in her on-screen persona.

Storm Reid said, “My mom has always said, if I didn’t want to do it [acting], then I could just leave, but I haven’t wanted to. My parents haven’t been controlling, or worse, making money off of their young daughter. It seems like everyone has that perspective. This, along with her decision to pursue her undergraduate degree at a reputable university concurrently, describes Storm Reid’s passionate journey. Her parents were instrumental in helping her discover her true talent and in placing their faith in her early trajectory toward a significant, life-altering career.

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Storm Reid’s parents were wise to allow their daughter pursue her own interests in school and work; as a result, the adolescent star is now worth $1 million USD and has her own property. According to Storm Reid, who told the Vogue magazine with confidence that “as long as I’m happy, that matters to them,” her achievement demonstrates the influence her parents have had on her academic and professional choices.

Robyn Reid, the youthful actress of A Cross To Bear, recently gave her parents an opulent home. This demonstrates how the celebrity loved her parents unconditionally as a child and returned their lavish lifestyle to them.

Even Storm Reid’s mother is captured on camera grinning as she accepts this wonderful present! Storm Reid shared on Instagram how she had pictured her mother’s face each time she had thought about giving her mother, Robyn Reid, this magnificent home. She also expressed her gratitude to God for returning her money as a result of her parents’ and her own diligence! “I love you forever and ever, mommy,” she said. We constructed a home, lol. Absurd. We appreciate your support and presence throughout this process, @milliondollarliving. God accomplished it!

Storm Reid’s parents appear bashful when filmed, although they passionately support their accomplished daughter at several social gatherings parents.