Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos Reviews

lucid tattoos reviews

Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos Reviews: What Is The Address Of The Lucid Tattoo Shop? View Reviews And Information About Lindsay Joseph, A Tattoo Artist

The Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos page covers all the information about the controversy as well as further data about the store.

Do you like getting tattoos? If so, where are they located? Which kind of tattoo appeals to you? Lindsay Joseph: who is she? How do Lucid Tattoos work? Lucid Tattoos: Where is it located? Why are tattoos by Lucid trending? This post about Lindsay Joseph Lucid Tattoos is ideal if you’re also fascinated by the latest commotion on TikTok and social media. This article will discuss the criticism that Lucid Tattoos has faced from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany as well as the reasons behind it.

Why Are Trending Lucid Tattoos?

The controversy started when “running_mom_of_boys,” a TikTok content producer, uploaded a video to her account detailing her recent tattoo visit with Lucid Tattoos. She first claimed that Lindsay Joseph Tattoo Artist charged $200 for the consultation, during which she was instructed to go into more detail about her tattoo preferences and other matters.

She has revealed every element of her consultation with Lindsay in this three-minute video. Following that, internet users began sharing the movie on social media as often as they could while berating it for various reasons. As a result, tattoo artists are popular.

Disclaimer: All of the information in this post was gathered from various online sources. Regarding the subject, we are not voicing any personal opinions.

Reviews of Lucid Tattoos Lindsay

Following the release of a video on Twitter by user Dianna E. Anderson in which she recounted her horrible experience as a “running mum of boys,” tattoo artist Lindsay Joseph was subjected to hostile criticism. She said that she had a really negative experience and that she didn’t enjoy her tattoo, which cost around $2260.

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Reviews of Lucid Tattoos have been negative because to its rigidity and cost. Furthermore, Lucid Tattoo Cambridge, Ontario, has been the target of negative attention ever since TikToker “running_mom_of_boys” posted her unsatisfactory comments.

Information Regarding Lucid Tattoo Prices

According to information that individuals have posted online, Lindsay Joseph charges a high price for her tattoos. The price ranges are listed as follows:

Fees for consultations: $200 tattoo, with a little alteration: $1500 tax included
Tattoo with two revised concepts and a few smaller adjustments: With many adjustments, Lucid Tattoo Cambridge Tattoo charges $3500 + taxes. $6000 + taxed

Additional Information

The TikToker also said that they had deceived and mislead her; she had informed Joseph precisely what she wanted, but Lindsay had ignored her request and delivered her a really awful drawing that was beyond her worst expectations. Lindsay had given her two photographs, of which she chose the first, however the drawing was not the same.

It was shown in a video on Lindsay Joseph Tattoo Reviews that they paid extra for the drawing. However, the final drawing was absurd. Furthermore, according to her video, the price listed did not even represent the whole cost; additional fees for sketches and modifications would be incurred. As a result, they faced harsh criticism and negative publicity after this occurrence.

In summary

According to the post, a tattoo artist bills a high price for their services. The TikTok content creator “running_mom_of_boys” released a video about Lucid Tattoos Reviews in which she detailed her meeting with the tattoo artist and their talk. She said that the price and tattoo design of the Lucid Tattoo caught her off guard. To learn more, go on this link.

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FAQs: Lucid Tattoos Car Updates & More

What is the debate around Lucid Tattoos?

The controversy erupted after a woman posted on TikTok about her terrible encounter with Lucid Tattoos.

that is the woman that was let down by Lucid Tattoos?

Courtney Monteith is her actual name, and she goes as “running mum of boys” on TikTok.

What is the address of Lucid Tattoo Shop?

It’s located in Cambridge, Canada’s Ontario. Their website gives the precise address.

Who is Lucid Tattoos’ owner?

Following the controversy, Lindsay Joseph, the proprietor of Lucid Tattoos, made her Instagram account private.

How are the reviews for Lucid Tattoos?

After Courtney detailed her experience, many individuals shared their Lucid Tattoos Ontario Reviews with them, and they got a lot of bad feedback.