Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?


Well, some would answer with a resounding “yes”. Bitcoin (BTC) started January 2019 at $3,753 (£2,887) per BTC, while today’s price is $7,161 (£5,508) making investors a healthy 90 per cent by ROI. In fact, if they’d sold it at its peak in June 2019 they’d have made an impressive 244 per cent.

Not bad. a profitable year as Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) has gained just seven per cent since January while Ripple (XRP) has lost a painful 71 per cent. However, many believe that where Bitcoin leads, altcoins will follow. In spite of a few recent hiccups, said to be caused by Chinese authorities cracking down on unauthorised crypto exchanges, the grandfather of crypto has been considered to be in a bull run since April.

If the other coins follow suit, 2020 could be an exciting year for virtual currencies. As always, forewarned is forearmed. Research the coins you’re interested in thoroughly before making any decisions and only invest what you can afford to lose.

You can buy cryptocurrencies using fiat money easily from exchanges and companies such as Some altcoins can’t be purchased directly and must be bought using Bitcoin or Ethereum. Whichever coin you choose, ensure the exchange or company used is legally allowed to sell coins in your country and research the fees carefully as they can take a big bite out of your profit. And remember, once bought always remove your coins from the exchange and store in a cold wallet, to protect yourself from Hacker. Visit Us

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