How to Find the Right Crypto Marketing Agency for your Project?

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Once you have an amazing crypto project, the next step is to find the right way to market that project. This is where the thought of creating your marketing instead of hiring the right crypto marketing agency comes in.

Here is how to find the right crypto marketing agency for your crypto project.

Scan their portfolio of clients 

Checking the satisfaction level of previous and current clients of a crypto marketing agency is one of the best ways to evaluate their skills and experience. Being the first blockchain project of a crypto marketing agency is never a smart idea.

If they are suitable for this position, they must have completed crypto marketing experience for various crypto projects. It is also not uncommon for agencies to make up facts about previous projects. Parts can be fabricated.

As a result, it is recommended to contact previous clients of the agency (if any) to see if they would recommend said crypto marketing agencies for future projects.

More importantly, marketing results should not be based solely on long speeches and carefully crafted reports. It must have quantitative data. For example, if you are measuring the growth of a crypto project on social media, you need to know how many subscribers the client’s social media platform has gained over a given time.

Focus on Team dynamics 

The headcount of a crypto marketing agency often affects the scope of tasks it can manage. When you hire a small team for a large project, you can expect the agency to fork some or all of the services given their team’s bandwidth.

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While it is quite normal for blockchain marketing agencies to outsource marketing work to other companies, you should be aware of the specific services that your chosen crypto marketing agency delivers and the level of experience of the team working on your project. You should also find out about the services they can outsource.

To understand the dynamics of the people you work with, you can also look them up on LinkedIn or professional networking sites to get an idea of ​​the background of the team members and how qualified they are to work with your crypto marketing.

You can get an idea of ​​their marketing competence by reading their case studies. Read on to learn more about marketing campaign issues and the methods they used to fix them.

Pricing & Budgets 

This should not be difficult since all crypto marketing efforts depend on how much you are willing to invest in marketing strategies. Always check prices for services offered by crypto marketing agencies.

Their website should give you a clear idea of ​​crypto marketing pricing and fees. If their prices are based on service customization, you can contact them and be notified of the budget that may arise during your cooperation with them.

Services Offered

When looking for the right crypto marketing agency for your project, it is crucial to take a look at what services the agency offers. This can help you choose different services depending on where in the marketing funnel your project.

If it’s brand awareness, you can go into social media marketing or influencer marketing. If it is for community building and management, you can choose crypto community management services, etc.

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You can also take a look at the crypto influencers the agency has partnered with before. This increases the credibility of the crypto marketing agency as established crypto influencers only work with trustworthy and genuine crypto marketing agencies.