GUIDE Piso WiFi Vendo: All the Information You Require

Launched by Pisonet in 2017, Piso wifi is the leading internet service provider in the Philippines. In a short amount of time, it has increased in popularity due to its high performance and rising demand in Iceland and the Philippines.

Piso wifi routers use the same IP address,, as a lot of other brands. Furthermore, by entering onto the piso wifi, you may adjust your wifi settings.

Even if every computer and gadget has a distinct IP address, is unique as it may be used with several wireless network manufacturers.

In IPv4 communications, almost 4 billion IP addresses have been registered as either a local or public IP address for that specific device. While only the linked device may access a private IP address, everyone else cannot readily access a public IP address.The most recent version of the Internet protocol, IPv6, is only used by 25% of internet service providers.

Many router companies, including Xfinity, Cisco, and Pisonet, have set as their default IP address gateway. However, each device should have its own IP address; thus, if you are using a router brand that has the same IP address, you must adjust the piso wifi settings online.

You must be aware of the meaning of before you reset the IP address settings on your device.

Together, let’s investigate the word

The IP address is given to WiFi brands so they may connect wirelessly in a certain region and access LANs; a private network is inaccessible to the general public. To find out a router’s IP address, utilize the ping utility services.

Each device has a unique IP address, which consists of four sets of integers ranging from 0 to 255. This allows for the tracking of any unlawful activities that a device may undertake. The first three numbers are drawn from the network ID, while the last set comes from the device ID, according to the design. When delving deeper into the IP address, it becomes apparent that the device id is.0.1 and the network id is 10.

This special Piso wifi Vendo is also used by Piso wifi service as its private IP address with many other internet service providers.

across the Philippines, Piso is a top internet service provider, serving millions of subscribers across Europe. The top internet service provider in the Philippines, Piso wifi, is made to be user-friendly for people who are not tech-savvy or cannot afford expensive internet connections. Furthermore, Piso wifi services work with all kinds of gadgets, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

When Is It Okay to Use

Many internet service providers utilize the default IP address You may use these to modify your firewall settings, personal settings, and the main messaging device. It has to be reconfigured on your device so that it is private and inaccessible to the general public.

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IP addresses used by router brands are

This particular IP address,, is used by several router manufacturing manufacturers since it is straightforward and easy to remember. It is typically utilized in offices with several devices linked to a single network. Additionally, this is utilized for personal use or in houses to network several devices.

Now let’s examine the brands that by default use this distinct IP address:


Business networks can make advantage of Cisco SMC TechnicolorArris Aztech Piso wifi, and many people also utilize it for devices at home. It is necessary to go into the piso wifi vendo site in order to update any settings.

Benefits of Using Pisowifi

Using Piso wifi has numerous benefits, here we have listed out some of them:

Advantages of Pisowifi Utilizing There are many advantages to Piso wifi; here are just a few of them:

  • The admin may quickly and easily configure the router settings on Piso WiFi from any location with ease thanks to our user-friendly platform.
  • This router’s admin panel is easily accessible without the requirement for an elaborate process or extra approach because of its flawless construction.
  • Above all, a Piso wifi router is quite inexpensive, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Piso wifi’s IP address is so simple that it is easy to remember.
  • It facilitates the management of data transfer, capacity, customers, and internet usage schedules.

Anyone may use the Piso wifi router to simply alter their settings by configuring a Piso wireless network on their device.

How to Configure Piso WiFi

Step1: You must first establish a connection between your router and the internet.

Step 2: To access the web-based user interface of your router, put “” into the address bar.

Step 3: When asked, enter your default username and password.

Step 4: After accessing the web interface, search the router interface for the “Wireless” or “Wifi” area.

Step 5: Verify that the data you submitted is accurate.

Step 6: Press the “Save” button to close the interface after finishing.

Once you’re done, you may use your pisowifi wifi to connect wirelessly.

Login Procedure for Piso WiFi

Let’s continue with the instructions to access the Piso wifi admin panel and modify your router settings.

Step 1: Open the browser of your choice first.

Step 2: Go to after that.

Step 3: The screen will display a login window.

Step 4: Fill up the relevant field with your default username and password.

Step 5: Next, open the Admin Panel window on the router.

Step 6: You may modify your router’s settings after logging into the admin panel.

Step7: From here, you may modify your desired username, password, LAN & WAN settings, and wifi configuration.

How Can My Piso WiFi Password Be Reset?

You must customize your network settings from the router configuration menu screen that appears after login onto Piso wifi. distinct internet service provider brands may have somewhat distinct designs, menus, or submenus.

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Step1: Type “” into the address bar to access your router’s interface.

Step 2: Look for the “Administrator” or “Management” area here.

Step 3: Next, locate the page’s “Password” or “Passcode” area.

Step 4: In the “Change Password” area, type the password you want to use.

Step 5: To fix your new password, touch the “Save” button at the end.

You may modify a number of settings, including LAN and WAN, WiFi, username, password, and secret code, after logging in.

Router default username and password

Router manufacturers utilize various combinations of standard users and passwords. Even though it is rather challenging to compile a list of every username and password used by every company, we have included a few of them for you to check out in case you need to adjust any settings.

Problems Connecting To
Let’s investigate the connection problems. Vendo Piso wifi


Gateway Device not responding

Not every device can be wirelessly linked to the router network ( with an IP address. Few routers offer the ability to modify the device’s settings. To accomplish this, you must connect your device to the router via an Ethernet wire. While laptops lack an Ethernet connection, desktop computers do. You may simply connect by using an adapter or a long Ethernet cable from any electronics store to get over this problem.

The wrong client address

As was previously mentioned, an IPv4 address consists of exactly four digits—neither more nor fewer. Even with knowledge of this possibility, can be typed incorrectly by mistake. It might be challenging to remember if you alter your router’s IP address. Therefore, we advise against changing the IP address and instead using the restore button on the router’s back to change it back.

You won’t be able to connect to your router if you enter the incorrect IP address. Thus, remember that this is not the default IP address; rather, it is

Password or username not correct

Every router is protected by a special login and password pair. You must adjust your router’s settings to your preferences in order to prevent any issues that could arise from a hacker accessing your wifi connection.

Therefore, start by determining the right username and password combination that may be printed on your router’s back.

If you are having trouble finding the specified username or password, try browsing the list of username and password combinations we have provided above. Try it to find out the proper username and password.

Once you have the correct login and password, you may adjust your router’s settings using the IP address Pisowifi.

What is the Pause Time of Piso WiFi

We will discuss the Piso wifi pause time here.

Because of its architecture, Piso wifi is accessible to anybody, including those with a limited budget, and requires no technical expertise to use. piso wifi is a great tool for configuring your preferences. Changes may be made to the Piso bandwidth, users, and time-related components of the router.

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The Piso routers admin panel includes a stop time function in addition to many other capabilities. You might choose to pause if you would like to conserve bandwidth. This will assist you in deciding which people may and cannot use your internet.

Piso wifi Pause Time Benefits

You may utilize the Piso wifi pause option to temporarily disconnect from the internet. When a website bombards you with endless advertisements or other distractions, you may set a time limit to limit how much data your Piso wifi consumes.
You may use Piso wifi halt to stop undesired users from utilizing the internet connection due to numerous security issues where several devices are using the same wifi connection, which may impair the speed of the internet.
In fact, Piso wifi pause time is a great method to take a break without having to pay for internet access when you don’t want to.

If you are having trouble connecting to a wifi network in your neighborhood, you may use Piso wifi pause time to avoid wasting bandwidth and to stop hackers from figuring out your IP address.
When you’re not using your internet connection, you may save money and data by using this fantastic function. Do you want to connect to the internet for free? If so, Piso wifi is ideal for your needs; feel free to use it.

How to Turn Piso Wifi Pause Time On or Off

You must disable Piso wifi pause once your break is over and you wish to access the internet once more.

Because of this

  • You must access your admin portal and log in.
  • Select the “Set Up” hyperlink.
  • Put in your password and username.
  • Enter the WiFi network’s SSID here.
  • You can adjust the quantity of data you choose to use from this point on and Turn on or off the pause time.

You will be able to enable or disable Piso Wifi pause time after entering into the admin page. Then, if you make regular use of this feature, you may set the duration and time of your wifi connection pause.

With the use of this tool, you can adjust the parameters and length of your online and offline time and stop your wifi connection accordingly.

In the Philippines, Wrap Up Piso wifi is a well-known internet service provider.

In conclusion, we can state that piso wifi Vendo is accessible to anybody with a basic understanding of technology and offers an endless array of advantages at a reasonable price.

With just a browser and a router, you may virtually access this free wi-fi service provider network. You can also avoid paying for the periods when you are not using the internet by setting the Piso wifi pause time.

Although several devices can be connected simultaneously, the private wifi network may not be able to support very large web loads, which could lead to poor internet performance.