Getting the right cat backpack for your kitty


The breed, height, weight, and, most importantly, your kitten’s behavior are important.

If your kitten is a larger breed, such as a B. Maine Coon or Ragdoll, we recommend the following large backpacks that can easily carry up to 10 kg.

If your cat isn’t big, here’s a small paragraph on why “right size” backpacking is generally important.

To the best of my knowledge and belief. Cats tend to be very insecure in unfamiliar environments. They would act very carefully if they didn’t know where they were or where they were going. The more shy ones will huddle in a closed corner and won’t move until they are sure it’s safe around them. I’m sure you’ve seen kittens hiding in the corners of large squares, despite the luxury space offered on the move.

With this in mind, general guidelines for finding the ideal backpack for all cats are:

1) the size of the base of the backpack, which fits your cat to “fit.” A well-fitting backpack helps them get comfortable, just like they always want to fit into that little box you toss on the ground.

2) good ventilation and airflow even if your cat takes up most of the pack.

3) Well-designed shelter. Here we are talking about the quality of the backpack itself. Your cat’s scratching should not easily damage the backpack. At the same time, there should be a harness hook if you want to double it on your kitten’s collar or belt. Most importantly, your cat should stay in their backpack after it’s closed for travel.

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4) A bonus is that while the backpack can double as a nest or full bed in the house, like the PUPPY EGGSHELL, it helps keep your cat calm and comfortable while traveling in its bed as a sling.

An excellent average backpack can easily accommodate a kitten up to 8kg. If you don’t need a backpack that’s too big, check out our top picks for 2021 below.

The Cat backpack was launched two years ago with the broadest range of ASTRONAUT capsule carriers. We have a total of 18 different colors for just one design. That was crazy at a time when the ASTRONAUT pods went viral around the world, including Singapore, and we had already lost the very good GalaxyBlue and Cheshire. Too bad they are no longer available.

Why? You can ask.

Logically, two years have passed since then. A new line of backpack straps hit the market due to the viral wave. We already have good quality ones like Puppy Eggshell, Petkit Evertravel Bag, Bonnet Pellucid Capsule, and many more.

However, this friendly competition is only one of the reasons for the decline of the regular ASTRONAUTE capsule. Another reason is the aggressive competition between the ASTRONAUT capsule clones.

In the last 2 years, we’ve seen at least 8 manufacturers build the ASTRONAUT pod, 2 of which are the original U-pet makers, the “origin” of all ASTRONAUT pods. With so many manufacturers getting involved, the competition soon turned into a price war, resulting in poor quality control of all regular ASTRONAUTE capsules. If sound quality isn’t what you’re looking for, you can get one for less than $20.

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As most manufacturers strive to be the cheapest, one of them stays true to its principle – to produce the highest quality blocks. This is the manufacturer we stock from, The Cat Backpack, for the ASTRONAUT series starting today. It’s impressive that they decided to leave the regular ASTRONAUT capsule range in favor of reproducing the ASTRONAUT UPGRADE capsule range. The quality of the current ASTRONAUT UPGRADE capsules is ten times better than ordinary ASTRONAUT capsules. All of our customers have agreed to the settlement.

So if you prefer the classic ASTRONAUT capsule, choose the UPGRADE to ensure you get the best quality.