Best-performing energy stocks: October 2022

When they are hot, energy stocks may move as swiftly as any tech company. Energy stocks can be hot or cool. Additionally, it’s a well-liked sector to trade when geopolitical tensions or the price of oil soar, since prices may become quite volatile and traders jump into the activity.

A list of the top performers won’t tell you which stocks will do well in the future due to this volatility, but many of the top energy stocks continue to be the “best of breed” for years. Additionally, energy businesses occasionally get a notable investor or two, like the renowned Warren Buffett, who has recently been buying shares of Occidental Petroleum.

Here are the top energy equities, all from the Energy Select Sector SPDR Fund ETF, that have performed the best so far this year (XLE). The performance of oil and gas equities this year has been amazing, but will that success last the entire year?

Should you invest in the hottest energy stocks?

It might be challenging to invest in specific equities, especially in the energy industry. You must comprehend not just the workings of the market but also the particular exposure that every energy firm has, including the calibre of its producing assets. Individual stock investment may be lucrative for those who have the time and desire, but it’s crucial to remember that energy equities are among the most volatile and susceptible to bankruptcy.

However, even with a little understanding, you may still invest in energy stocks if you don’t have the time or the desire. You may place a diversified bet by purchasing an index fund that is centred on the energy sector, or even on other industries like IT stocks. Instead of attempting to outperform the market, index funds monitor a certain group of stocks in order to obtain the weighted average return of their holdings.

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Therefore, think about investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds that concentrate on that particular sector if you want to profit from the increase of energy stocks. The advantages of a diverse portfolio will be available to you, along with the potential gain that energy companies are known for, but not without some risk.

Diversification can reduce your exposure to company-specific risks (such poor management), but it won’t shield you from risks that are industry-specific (such as declining oil prices). Understand the factors that affect your investment results whether you invest in businesses or funds.

Bottom line

It might be useful to keep an eye on the most popular stocks to see what the market is favouring at the moment. However, it’s crucial to research the firm and comprehend how you’re going to generate money in the future if you’re investing in individual stocks or even sector-based funds and to avoid investing in the rearview mirror. You’ll spend your time pursuing yesterday’s performances and pass over the ones of tomorrow.

Additionally, even if something is popular, you are never obligated to purchase it. The stock market is a no-called-strike game, as Warren Buffett famously stated. You may wait for your pitch rather than swinging at everything.

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