3 Reasons to Start a Crypto Blog in 2023

Crypto Blog

Although the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced back in 2009, there is still a great amount of confusion as to exactly what it is and how it can be used. Is it merely an investment vehicle or are there other uses for this global currency? Perhaps 2023 is the year to begin a blog on crypto because there is growing interest and really not a lot of information out there in laymen’s terms. Blogs are an easy way to introduce readers to ‘new’ concepts, and that might be the biggest reason of all. With that said, why would you really want to start a crypto blog? Here are some thoughts on the matter.

1. Easy to Understand Information

As mentioned above, a great deal of the literature out there deals with the math and technology inherent in the blockchain. While many consumers understand the complex coding that is actually the crypto, others think you might as well be speaking Greek. In fact, you probably are because the term ‘crypto’ comes from the Greek word for secret or hidden.

Actually, it isn’t necessary to know how cryptocurrency is mined in order to understand what it is and how it can be used. It may be just as easy to say in a blog that crypto is more secure than taking card payments than to try to explain the private and public keys along with wallet addresses. Those identifiers really aren’t necessary to anyone but coders, perhaps. 

It’s not like a pin number you need to enter in a transaction, it’s just a bit of code that identifies you as the owner of the crypto. You see how that amount of information could confuse the average reader? It tends to dumbfound some techies as well!

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2. The Various Uses

By this point in time, most people know that cryptos like Bitcoin have attracted investors because of the potential to earn money in the market. However, that is just one use for crypto. This particular currency isn’t regulated by any central banks, or banks of any kind that is, so it is literally a global currency. You will never need to convert a Bitcoin to a USD, for example, to spend it on a US eCommerce site if you live in the Eurozone. 

They hold the same value no matter where they are being ‘spent,’ which makes them perfect transaction currencies. However, in order to spend them, they need to be moved out of what is called cold storage, into the hot storage of a Bitcoin wallet. So, you see, although it’s not a complex issue, the difference between cold and hot storage would make for a great blog post, wouldn’t it?

3. How to Make Money in Crypto

Last but not least, your blog could show readers how they can make money in crypto. They can become miners, traders, eCommerce stores that accept crypto payments and so forth. There are dozens of jobs in the tech industry that deal with blockchain technology, so if it’s a career you are looking for, a blog is the perfect place to talk about the different career options open to you.

Why a crypto blog in 2023? Because they are easy to start and that’s where you will find people who want to learn more about crypto without getting a master’s degree in finance or technology. It’s the perfect instructional vehicle that can be kept social at the very same time and what a nice combination that is.

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