2023’s Top Bitcoin Mining Devices (Expert Reviewed)


We dissect the top 8 Bitcoin mining devices for 2023 in this post. Whether you’re searching for low-cost or high-efficiency choices, we’ll guide you through the finest possibilities!

A Fast Look at the Top 8 Bitcoin Mining Hardware Devices for 2023

A brief overview of the top 8 bitcoin mining hardware for 2023 is provided below.

  • Bitmain AntMiner S19 Pro 
  • Bitmain AntMiner S9
  • Bitmain AntMiner T19 
  • Whatsminer M30S++
  • Canaan AvalonMiner 1246
  • Dragonmint T1
  • Ebang Ebit E11++

We’ll go over each of the eight alternatives in depth below, including the benefits and drawbacks of each machine as well as details on hash rates, power use, and pricing.

We advise you to skip to the section “What to Consider When Selecting Bitcoin Mining Hardware” if you’re unsure how to pick the best Bitcoin mining gear for you.

AntMiner S19 Pro from Bitmain

One of the greatest alternatives available for Bitcoin mining is the Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro. It costs more than some of the other computers on our list, but it can hash at a rate of 110 Th/s!

List Cost: $3,230

110 Th/s is the hash rate.

3250 W of power are used.

Bitmain AntMiner S9

The S9 is among the least expensive mining devices available, despite having a very low hash rate.
But have in mind that the Bitmain AntMinerS9 produces a lot of noise, so if you want to put up your mining equipment at home, this might not be the ideal option.

Price: $246 is the going rate for a used Bitmain Antminer S9.

14 Th/s is the hash rate.

1323 W of power are used.

Antenminer T19 Bitmain

The AntMiner T19 was created with price and efficiency in mind. Even though the Antminer T19 has a little lesser hash rate than the S19 Pro, it costs half as much on the secondary market!

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Cost: $1,755 at Amazon.com

84 Th/s is the hash rate.

3150 W of power are used.

Whatsminer M30S++

Among the most potent Bitcoin mining devices available is the Whatsminer M30S++. With the platform, you may mine Bitcoin at an astounding 112TH/S hash rate as well as Bitcoin Cash.

Comparing the Whatsminer M30S++ to other mining devices on this list, it is more costly and requires more electricity. It might not be the greatest option for inexperienced miners.

Price: $2,455 is the current listing price on Amazon for a used Whatsminer M30S++.

112TH/S is the hash rate.

3472 W of power are consumed.

Avalon Miner 1246, Canaan

The Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 is another Bitcoin mining hardware with fast hash rates and high power consumption that may be more suitable for advanced miners.

The Canaan AvalonMiner 1246 comes with high noise levels, which means it may not be the best option if you wish to mine Bitcoin in your home.

Power consumption: 3420W

Hash Rate: 90Th/s

Price: $3,890

Canaan Avalon6

While the Avalon6 may have a lower hash rate than other mining machines on this list, the hardware is affordable and easy to set up.

The Avalon6 has been praised by customers for being a great option for home mining. Unlike other machines, the Avalon6 has relatively low noise levels.

1500W of power are used.

3.5 T/S is the hash rate.

Cost: The Avalon6 may only be purchased used at this time. Typically, the equipment is sold for less than $600!

T1 Dragonmint

using very little power usage, you may mine Bitcoin using the amazing Dragonmint T1 device. The Dragonmint T1, produced by Halong Mining, is a very potent ASIC that generates 16TH/s while drawing a remarkable little amount of power.

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1480 W of power are used.

16 Th/s is the hash rate.

Price: $1,295 is the current Amazon price for a used Dragonmint T1.

Ebang Ebit E11++

For those searching for an efficient solution, miners may find the Ebang Ebit E11++ to be a viable choice. At just 1980W of power usage, the Ebang Ebit E11++ can hash at a rate of 44 Th/s.

Because of its high noise level, the Ebang Ebit E11++ might not be the best choice for home mining.

Energy usage: 1980 W

44 Th/s is the hash rate.

Price: Currently, $350 is the going rate for a used Ebang Ebit E11++ on eBay.

Things to take into account while choosing Bitcoin mining equipment
While selecting the best Bitcoin mining hardware, there are three main things to take into account.


Recall that the least expensive Bitcoin mining device might not be the best option in the long run. Cheaper hardware will often result in worse profitability and efficiency.

Rate of Hashing

The speed at which Bitcoin mining equipment can perform complex mathematical processes is known as the hash rate. Put simply, the likelihood that the miner or mining pool for which the hardware is being used will solve the upcoming block in the Bitcoin blockchain increases with the device’s hash rate. Hardware with a greater hash rate is typically more costly.


In essence, bitcoin mining hardware is made to turn power into bitcoin. The greatest place to start if you’re unsure about how to select the finest Bitcoin mining hardware is by concentrating on energy efficiency.

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It’s crucial to base your choice on your unique circumstances. For instance, a significant factor in determining total profitability is the cost of electricity in the area where your mining equipment will be used.

All things considered, the most economical and lucrative ASIC is the best Bitcoin ASIC. Over the past 10 years, there has been a dramatic acceleration in the development of ASIC devices, with new hardware being developed annually that frequently replaces previous technology.

Does mining cryptocurrency incur taxes?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that mining cryptocurrencies is taxable.

You will record revenue from cryptocurrency mining rewards according to the coin’s fair market value at the time of receipt. Depending on how much the price of your cryptocurrency has changed since you acquired it, you may experience a financial gain or loss when you sell your mining winnings.

Our comprehensive guide to bitcoin mining taxes will teach you exactly how to manage your mining profits.

Do you want to calculate the profits and losses you will incur from selling your mining rewards? Use our free cryptocurrency tax calculator.

The benefits of using crypto tax software

Do you need assistance filing your mining taxes? CoinLedger and other crypto tax software can be helpful.