15 Robust Evergreen Shrubs Ideal for Pots [UK]

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Among the many gifts that nature has bestowed upon us, foliage is by far the most abundant. Greenery has grown increasingly scarce and has a particular place in our hearts as concrete jungles proliferate all around us. On holidays in isolated places, in the hardly existent parks and gardens nearby, and in a few plants we happen to spot scattered around, we look for it everywhere we go. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing elements between the residences and buildings, they provide us with clean air to breathe and remove carbon dioxide.

Green treatment is a must-have if you want to improve your mood, feel more at ease, and clear your head in between tasks. However, you don’t need to go looking for these green components since, with a little work, you can create your own garden and plant hardy evergreen shrubs for pots uk in a tiny space surrounding your house, such as a balcony, backyard, or front yard.

Plants for Pots: Hardy Evergreen Shrubs [UK]

If you browse about at a nursery or yard, you may discover a number of hardy evergreen shrubs for pots UK. In your neighborhood, you may find a large selection of hardy evergreen shrubs for pots that will enable you to naturally enhance your property.

There is a large selection of low maintenance hardy evergreen shrubs for pots uk if you are someone who cannot dedicate a lot of time to plant care. You may pick a couple of them, start your gardening adventure, and improve the elegance and purity of the air in your home.

Depending on the soil and weather in your location, you may select from these 15 hardy evergreen shrubs for pots UK.

1.Small Mountain Pine

The little shrub known as dwarf mountain pine is ideal for containers. It fully encloses the pot, giving it a broader appearance. It is estimated that the plant may grow up to three feet tall.

This plant has a flat top and a spherical form. It has lovely needles that typically change color according to the season. The plant has a gold hue in the winter and a greenish-yellow color in the summer. It makes a stunning year-round statement for the plant.

One cup of water must be given to the plant once a week. However, you have to water more often throughout the heat. The sunniest spot in your yard is where you must maintain the plant as it loves the sun. This is the ideal option for beginners to plant because it grows readily and doesn’t mind what kind of soil it is planted in.

2.Sphere of Light Abelia

Multicolor A shrub called abelia exhibits seasonal color variations. Springtime brings with it yellow and green leaves; summer brings with it golden leaves; winter and fall bring with it scarlet leaves. The bushy plant needs sunshine to thrive. The plants can be kept in partial sunlight on hot, sunny days.

The plant is ideal for growing in a container because it may reach heights of 2 to 3 feet tall and widths of up to 4 feet. It has long-lasting, red-stemmed white blooms that bloom for a considerable amount of the year. The plant may serve as a striking focal point in your yard or balcony.

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During its development stage, boxwood is a shrub that needs a lot of water, so much so that it penetrates deep into the root zone of the plant. Thus, it has to be watered once a week. You can water established plants every two to four weeks. It is a thick, robust evergreen shrub for pots in the UK that gives your yard grace and charm. With its bushy character, it turns your balcony into a verdant bed.

Although the plant prefers to thrive in the sun, it will need some partial shade if the day is too bright. This plant is simple to cultivate in your garden if you give it the right amount of sunlight and water.Additionally, a general-purpose fertilizer will benefit the plant much.


Yucca is a great place to start gardening if you don’t want to put in the work of consistently watering the plants. Since the plant is native to the desert, it retains water in its stem and grows well in arid environments.

You need to put the plant somewhere with lots of sunshine if you want to maintain it healthy. Because it doesn’t shed leaves and performs well in tight spaces with moderate sunshine, you may grow this plant in your home. In addition to producing cream-colored blooms, this plant has leaves with a variety of forms, thicknesses, and spine patterns.

Watering these plants on occasion is fine, but don’t keep the container full of water since this can cause the yucca’s roots to rot. These plants can reach two to four feet in height. Therefore, you might select a little plant if your home is cramped for room.


An evergreen with striking leaves and blossoms is phromium. Pheremon is a wonderful option if you want to give your garden a striking appearance or even if you want to add eye-catching borders to your assortment of plants. It needs very fertile ground. Make sure to water the plant in a way that allows it to hold onto moisture without becoming soggy.

Additionally, you may use a slow-release fertilizer each year in the spring. With its sword-shaped leaves hanging down from the pot, it resembles a magnificent, enormous flower vase that you may put in your yard. Depending on the type of plant, its leaves might be purple, green, yellow, red, cream, or brown in color. Although low-maintenance, it needs partial shade on days with high temperatures and sunshine on ordinary days.

With its dark green foliage and blue-colored blossoms, ceanothus is an excellent plant to cultivate in your backyard since it offers your garden a rich, elegant appearance.The plant is a nitrogen-fixing shrub in addition to being beautiful. Make sure you select the right kind of plants for the size of your garden or the area allotted for them, as some grow larger than others.


It grows low to the ground in a bushy style. This may be planted in a container in your garden that will allow it to grow up against a wall or fence. On bright days, this plant needs partial shade and low sunlight. Depending on the cultivar, they can also display blue in late summer and fall when they are not in blossom, which is normally in the spring.

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The Choisya is an exquisite evergreen shrub with leaves that resemble the petals of a flower. The leaves are elegantly arranged, each with a different shape and size. In addition to its exquisite form, the blossom gives your landscape a distinctive shade of green. Because of its intense growth, make sure the space it occupies is not crowded. The plant has delicate, elegantly scented white blooms.

These plants are another example of a low-maintenance shrub; nonetheless, for healthy growth, they need to be kept as close to the light as possible. Because of its modest size, you may choose to cultivate the plant in a container.

8.The cotoneaster

This is a fantastic addition to your tiny area if you intend to create your garden on your balcony rather than in your backyard. Cotoneaster is a stunning green plant with glossy leaves that gleam in the sun. It also produces exquisite white blooms. Additionally, the shrub produces crimson berries that draw birds from all directions.

For this plant to thrive, it needs enough of sunshine. However, on days when the weather is excessive, you have to keep them somewhat shaded. The plant can take on varied shapes depending on its type. It might sometimes be an upright shrub and other times it will spread out to touch any wall or fence. The plant requires very little work to develop healthily.


Many types of heather grow nicely in pots and other small containers on your balcony, depending on the kind. Acidic conditions and ericaceous compost are two of this plant’s main needs. With minimal care, you may enjoy the bloom of heathers all year long if you select the appropriate ones.

In addition to its vibrantly colored blossoms, the plants’ foliage changes color with the seasons. Heather is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a low-maintenance plant that can endure all year round. The plant needs sunshine to develop and shine, but it is not particularly picky.

10.The skimmias

Skimmias is another plant that blooms continuously throughout the year. It’s a minimal maintenance plant that looks good in pots and small containers. Although the plant can withstand all types of weather, it typically thrives best in moderate shade and sunshine. Leaf burn is prone to occur in direct sunlight. Thus, during sweltering summer days, keep them covered.

Berries are produced by skimmia plants when their female counterparts grow close to one other. This adds even more beauty to the plant, even after the lovely blossoms have been given away. The winter months are when the berries are cultivated. Maintain the plant in acidic soil that is well-drained to promote healthy development.

11.Fern of Hart’s Tongue

This particular plant needs somewhat shaded areas and acidic soil, although it is not dependent on sunshine. The plant’s leaves resemble tongues, as the name would imply. The plant is native to the forests and does well in moist environments. They require little upkeep. They produce beautiful green leaves with orange spores arranged underneath them. This plant’s exquisite form and color enliven any space. The plant may be kept in a container in a well-shaded garden or on your balcony.

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The plant needs constant irrigation while it is growing. As the plant reaches maturity, you can water it less frequently and only in warm weather. This is an essential plant if you wish to fill your yard with low-maintenance shrubs.

12.Bay Laurel

Envision strolling around your yard and indulging in a lovely aroma emanating from a shrub you yourself planted. This is the purpose of bay laurel! Its leaves have a pleasant, pungent scent. A lovely plant to add to your balcony or yard is bay laurel. The shrub produces yellow blooms in the spring, which in the fall change into black berries. Its leaves can also be used in cooking. If planted in the ground, this tree may reach a height of 60 feet in your backyard.
The fact that this plant can grow in any kind of soil is its finest feature. In both acidic and alkaline soil types, it may grow well. On hot, bright days, the plant needs some shade. The soil has to be kept damp, but not soggy, in your container.

13.Bells of Coral

Evergreen plants known as coral bells have big, heart- or round-shaped leaves. Depending on the species, they can be found in a variety of colors, including burgundy, purple, gold, green, and chocolate. For effective development, this plant has to be grown in some shade.

If you don’t give the plant light every day, that’s okay, but you still need to water it and maintain wet soil. In order to prevent any form of fungal illness, you must only water the roots and keep the leaves dry.

14.False Cypress Golden Mop

This is the plant that will give your space more elegance and richness whether you have a formal setting or an Asian-style landscape. They are a fantastic choice for pots and containers since they may grow to be up to 5 feet tall and 4 feet broad.

You will need to be patient with the plant for several years because of its sluggish growth. Although you must keep it somewhat shaded on hot days, it grows best in direct sunshine.

15.Juniper Blue Star

A small plant, juniper can reach a height of three feet and a width of four feet. The plant is well-known for having stunning blue needles that give it a distinctive and alluring appearance wherever it grows.

Its green and gold foliage provide a striking contrast with the blossoms. For the plant to reach its full potential and produce stunning colors, it needs a considerable quantity of sunshine.


As you can see, there are wide varieties of hardy evergreen shrubs for pots uk that require almost little to no effort in planting them and making your space look beautiful.

You can explore your interest in gardening with these safe and easy-to-maintain plants that will make you proud when you look at your balcony just in a few months. They can be planted in pots or any containers that you were about to throw out.

Tell us about your first-time experience with planting green shrubs in the comments.