What Are NFTs? How Can You Buy Them?


Would you believe me if I told you that a digital artwork of an ape with a crown on his head was sold for a record price of $2.7 million? But it is what it is, and the reason behind it is the lucrative non-fungible tokens [NFTs], the uniqueness and rareness they bring along with […]

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Bank Ripple – Banking for NFT Worldwide


Emerging on the crypto market at the end of 2021 as a new breeze, Bank Ripple is a potential “Play to earn” NFTs project that can thrive in the long run. NFT or Non Fungible Token (Non-fungible Token) is no longer a strange concept for those who participate in digital currency investment. The difference of […]

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All You Need to Know About Forgotten Chain Game


Are you tired of playing mundane games? Do you want to elevate your gaming passion? Here we have come with a new advanced game that could take your gaming to the next level. You might have played other games, but this forgottenchain is made to make you fall in love with multiplayer games. Moreover, it provides […]

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Unraveling NFTs For The Technically Uninitiated Artists

Unraveling NFTs

NFTs – the until-recently-meaningless abbreviation that was a few years ago has now become a heartthrob for collectors and investors, and also for artists. What has this revolution done for the world of collectibles and art… And what is NFT all about? Understanding NFTs NFTs, as the name implies, are digital tokens that are not […]

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