Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment?


Well, some would answer with a resounding “yes”. Bitcoin (BTC) started January 2019 at $3,753 (£2,887) per BTC, while today’s price is $7,161 (£5,508) making investors a healthy 90 per cent by ROI. In fact, if they’d sold it at its peak in June 2019 they’d have made an impressive 244 per cent. Not bad. a profitable […]

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What is a Crypto Fascist?

Crypto Fascist

Crypto Fascist is a confidential supporter of the idea of Fascism. Any person or group that follows this ideology through covert support to avoid political suicide or political persecution can be called a crypto fascist. During the chaos at the 1986 Democratic National Convention, the term became known when Gore Vidal described William F. Buckley […]

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